Tank / Silo / Hopper / Vessel Weighing

Accurate Inventory Control

Gravimetric level control is one of the most accurate inventory control methods available for measuring high-value solids, liquids and even gases inside tanks. Tank load cell is placed outside of the tank, which makes them superior to other measuring methods for aggressive, hot, frozen, non-free-flowing or non-self-leveling materials. Measuring results are not impacted by tank shape, materials or process parameters, such as temperature or material viscosity.

Compression Weigh Modules

Most tanks holding 10 kilograms to 1,000 tons or more are mounted on compression load cells or compression weigh modules for weighing. The RockerPin ensures the best accuracy in case of thermal expansion or contraction. Compression weigh modules are ideal for turning tanks into tank scales. In addition, smaller tanks can be mounted on bench or floor scales, which is convenient for legal-for-trade applications.

Suspended Weigh Modules

Tanks or hopper scales can be suspended from tension load cells or weigh modules, with accuracy similar to that achievable with compression systems. This mounting method can be convenient if an overhead structure already exists, or if the ground space under the scale must be kept clear. It is applicable for scales with capacities of approximately 20 kilograms (45 lbs.) to 30 tons.

Protected Load Cells

Outdoor tanks must have safety features to protect the load cell during installation and operation. Tanks are exposed to wind forces. This requires features for weigh modules to cope with uplift forces on one side and extreme load on the other. Temperature changes can result in expansion and contraction of the support structure. Our weigh modules are designed to cope with such circumstances.

Online Status Information, Easy Cabeling

Weigh modules with POWERCELL® technology reduce downtime with predictive maintenance. A run-flat function allows you to continue a batch in the event of a damaged load cell or a broken connecting cable. A daisy-chain-type network technology with plug-and-play connectors eliminates the need for junction boxes, which can be prone to damage. The CalFreePlus™ feature eliminates need for re-calibration in the event the cables or load cells have to be replaced.

Safety Tested with Full Load

METTLER TOLEDO weigh modules are designed to mitigate uplift forces resulting from wind and earthquakes and temperature-related expansion and contraction of the tank’s support structure. We perform Finite Element Analysis on mechanical parts and perform tests to expose even heavy-capacity weigh modules to real-life conditions with full loads.

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