Markings in the paper industry must be easily legible. LEIBINGER carries out comprehensive, no-obligation tests for each product in advance to determine which inks are best suited in the inkjet printers. This allows us to find an ideal marking solution for many different kinds of paper. The product portfolio that Paul LEIBINGER provides for customers from the paper industry also includes numbering on paper using numbering machines and monitoring the printed data using camera verifications systems.

Typical markings

  • Variable characters and text
  • Continuous numbers
  • Sheet margin numbering
  • Meter marking
  • Batch numbers/lot numbers
  • Company logos
  • 1D and 2D codes like barcodes, DataMatrix codes, QR codes, etc.
  • Graphics


  • Papers with different surfaces
  • Cardboard/cardstock/corrugated cardboard

Examples of typical applications

  • Marking in dusty production environments
  • Personalization
  • Numbering tax labels, lottery tickets, admission tickets
  • Coding
  • Printing variable data
  • Traceability/track and trace/identification
  • Marking packaging
  • Use of FDA-compliant inks

Typical print monitoring tasks

  • Print monitoring/verification/image processing of various printouts in a partially dusty production environment
  • Monitoring folding accuracy, measuring
  • Working together with folding machines
  • Monitoring the presence of items, such as dispensed products (cards or samples)
  • Controlling rejection separators/pushers
  • Reliable monitoring of inkjet fonts (printouts of small character inkjet printers)

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