Egg Printing

Egg Printing

Legislators in many countries have made or are working on making the marking and coding of eggs mandatory. The European Union (EU) requires that eggs be marked directly with a producer code. In the US, the LOT number must be printed onto the carton or directly onto the egg. Markings on egg packaging are required in Canada as well. The import and export regulations of some countries also require placing codes on eggs. Selecting the appropriate marking and coding technology requires due consideration for these requirements. Paul LEIBINGER is a strong and dependable partner of the egg industry thanks to its many years of expertise, a worldwide distribution network and its collaboration with the Moba Group (Moba and Diamond installations). Read more about LEIBINGER egg printing.

Typical markings

  • Characters and numbers
  • Country of origin, farming conditions, producer code/company number
  • Laying date, expiration date or sell-by date
  • LOT numbers
  • Advertising messages
  • Company logos and seals of quality


  • Carton/paper
  • Plastic
  • Shrink wrap
  • Foam
  • Egg shells

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