Weighing Components & Load Cells

Weigh Modules, Load Cells, Weight Sensors, Weighing technology tailored to the needs of machine and instrument manufacturers

Load Cell Junction Box

METTLER TOLEDO's analog Precision Junction Boxes are suitable for quick and simple connection of multiple analog load cells to a terminal.
  • Exceptional Stability
Discrete resistors - not trim pots
  • Stable and easy to adjust
By means of rotary dip switches
  • Cope with harsh environments
316 Stainess Steel and IP69K versions available
  • Global Standards
E.g., ATEX, GMP, NSF versions


The SLF is the heart of heavy-duty high-precision scales. Choose SLF when flexibility in machine design is key for weight-based quality control or machines filling industrial and consumer packages.
  • Four capacity ranges
from 64 kg @ 0.1 g to 6 kg @ 0.02 g
  • Internal test weight calibration
  • Serial interfaces
  • IP66 / IP68
  • Hazardous versions
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