Whether your customers are looking for a quick and tasty bite to eat at the in-store restaurant or quick service at your specialty shop, METTLER TOLEDO is your ideal partner for innovative retail solutions—designed to keep your customers moving. Our weighing and payment collection systems offer you the flexibility to extend your customers’ shopping experience beyond checkout. METTLER TOLEDO Retail’s solutions for your specialty area consistently focus on handling transactions quickly and effectively. Our proven solutions for weighing and payment collection enable your staff to perform their work efficiently, thus guaranteeing rapid service for your customers in specialty areas such as in-store snack bars, frozen yogurt and candy shops. METTLER TOLEDO can help you manage the diversity of your operations with our wide range of retail solutions. We can support you with touchscreen and tactile retail scales; stand-alone solutions with cash drawers and checkout software; digital shopper marketing applications; scales with open PC architecture, compatible with point-of-sale and checkout software from third-party developers; and lifecycle maintenance solutions. With groundbreaking and trend-setting shop concepts, METTLER TOLEDO Retail can help you transform a trip to the grocery store into a complete shopping and dining experience.


Carry your customers’ positive shopping experience all the way through the checkout lane. With METTLER TOLEDO Retail solutions, you can provide a higher level of customer satisfaction and improved customer loyalty, in addition to fewer weighing and transaction errors at the checkout. METTLER TOLEDO checkout solutions are specifically designed to enhance the customer experience at the checkout with emphasis on speed and space – for quick, hassle-free customer service. Our weighing technologies offer you seamless integration with all leading POS and scanner platforms. Our support spans from implementation, certification to a comprehensive range of maintenance and after-sale service. We support you throughout the system’s lifetime to ensure maximum uptime and performance. METTLER TOLEDO’s weighing technology and applications are designed to integrate smoothly and effectively with your checkout system and IT infrastructure so you can focus on what matters most – your customers.


Meat and butcher products present distinctive challenges for a retailer in terms of both service counter and backroom technology. Customers seeking quality meat and butcher shop products expect freshness and appreciate appealing and informative packaging options. METTLER TOLEDO Retail solutions guide your employees safely and reliably through each step in the weigh price labeling process. Our weighing products are designed to be robust and easy to use. Our backroom solutions are built with efficiency in mind. With a full range of solutions, METTLER TOLEDO can support your unique needs. Manage production processes with our backroom solutions to give your staff the necessary insights to enable you to reduce costs and increase profits sustainably. Benefit from our expertise by integrating METTLER TOLEDO’s weighing and labeling technology into your inventory management processes. In addition to producing appealing packaging and legally compliant labels for your products, METTLER TOLEDO’s Retail solutions provide accurate weighing and record shoppers’ transactional data. We support you every step of the way.

Fresh Service Counter

Success at the fresh counter – deli, meat, seafood, cheese and prepared foods – requires the right ingredients. The service counter sees more employee-shopper interaction than almost anywhere else in the store. METTLER TOLEDO’s service counter solutions go beyond weighing and labeling, transforming the fresh department into the hub of your store’s operations. Our powerful portfolio of service counter scales is quick, simple and intuitive. Easy scale operation reduces training costs, and three-digit tare weight increases your profits. Your employees can work quickly and accurately thanks to operator interfaces that are easy to use, ranging from tactile to full-color touchscreens. Customer orders are processed rapidly with features such as multiple preset keys, search-by-description options and graphical tare buttons. METTLER TOLEDO scales allow you to take advantage of the time during which your customers are waiting for their fresh order by displaying promotional messages and images via eye-catching, customer-facing displays. Influence shoppers at the point-of-decision and drive sales by communicating daily or weekly specials, meal solutions and other relevant information while reinforcing your brand.

Fresh Produce

Produce with a fresh approach—from the farmer’s market to the supermarket. Distinguish your fresh produce department by providing an enjoyable shopping experience with an element of fun, stimulating the senses and enticing customers to discover new flavors. Fresh produce makes the difference. For today’s grocery retailer, fresh produce is an important area of differentiation. Our weighing product range is built for efficiency, with a focus on making the customer experience quick and convenient. Our self-service weighing solutions in the produce department accelerate checkout processes. METTLER TOLEDO can support you with PC-based touchscreen or tactile keyboard self-service scales; applications for digital signage, in-store advertising, and how to use scales as information terminals; control scales; software; labeling and lifecycle maintenance solutions. By partnering with METTLER TOLEDO, you can enhance the shopping experience in your fresh produce department with the latest weighing technology.
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