Marking in the industrial market on plastics and metals

Industrial manufacturers (mechanical tools, metal and plastic components, instruments, etc.) mark their products to identify them and to add instructions or to control their traceability for safety reasons. Macsa ID offers industrial marking solutions that allow metal parts or plastics and a wide range of other materials to be marked and coded. In Macsa ID we recommend our industrial coding lasers, specifically the fiber range, for their ability to mark on metal and on a large number of plastic substrates. In addition, Macsa ID lasers offer the possibility of incorporating a head for 3D printing on irregular surfaces while maintaining their high quality.


Marking, coding and traceability on jewels

Jewellery manufacturers use laser technology to shape and mark their products. In these applications, the laser is part of the manufacturing process and gives added value to the product. It also allows key information to be added for the fight against counterfeiting and misappropriation of this type of product. Laser marking can be carried out on jewels, rings and metals such as silver, gold and even brass, among others.


Marking and coding in parts of the automotive sector.

Component manufacturers for the automotive sector need to mark their products to identify them, add instructions and, due to traceability reasons, it is increasingly necessary to apply a 2D code to these products in order to comply with the AIMDPM-1-2006 regulation. In the automotive sector, Macsa ID provides solutions for the laser marking of metal parts and plastic materials such as day&night buttons. The marking and coding of vehicle parts facilitates their control, safety and traceability. They can include alpha-numeric information or 2D codes, data matrix or QR codes that contain more information about the components. Laser coding systems offer low maintenance costs and provide a marking which is resistant to abrasive processes during the production of the parts.


Traceability in security, luxury and tobacco products.

Companies that manufacture identification cards require coding and marking systems which are extremely precise, reliable, permanent and of great durability. The same level of security should be used in the marking and coding of tobacco, cigarettes and cigars, luxury products and any product that requires an exhaustive control against counterfeiting and fraud. Macsa ID has marking solutions using several technologies which are capable of producing marking and coding which is safe, permanent and of great durability and which will help to stop counterfeiting. Thanks also to Macsa ID’s software programs, the distribution and sale of this type of product can be controlled by putting into place a traceability system which protects the brand.

Construction Material

Coding and marking on construction materials and consumer products

Manufacturers of construction products (insulation, plaster, wood, pipes and ducts, plastic extrusion, etc.) and other consumer products such as home appliances must code the packaging of their products, or the product itself, in harsh environments with extreme temperatures. Macsa ID provides marking and coding solutions for products such as bricks, pipes, clay, glass, metal, PVC, wood and many others. The result ensures that the finished codes are always of a high contrast and quality, as well as being resistant to difficult work environments. Macsa ID provides a wide range of coding and marking solutions including inkjet marking and print & apply labelling to achieve the coding that best suits your product and work environment.


Identification in electronics and telecommunications components.

Manufacturers of components for the electronics and telecommunications sector need to mark their products to identify them, to add instructions and, for reasons of traceability, it is increasingly necessary to mark 2D codes that must comply with the latest safety regulations. Coding in the electronics sector, on electronic products, ceramics, electronic plates, etc., must guarantee high resolution and high contrast, and be resistant to chemical products that can deteriorate the code and reduce its legibility. At Macsa ID we recommend applying codes with laser technology systems due to the possibility of printing on metals and on a wide range of plastic substrates. Laser coding is an excellent alternative to other technologies (micro-dots, chemical and micro-percussion) because it is digital, clean, reliable and low-cost.


Traceability in the logistics market.

Marking and coding in the logistics sector is essential to ensure the traceability of shipments. Currently, products have to travel many miles in order to reach distributors and consumers. This means that manufacturers and logistics companies must code the packaging to ensure that they arrive at their destination safely and accurately. Products can be packaged in boxes, bags or other types of packaging  which must contain identifying information, in order to allow companies to track their route throughout the supply chain and thus control their traceability. Macsa ID has developed equipment and solutions for the marking and coding of shipping boxes. The range of equipment can print and mark the information directly on primary packaging (tablets), secondary (blister packs) and tertiary (boxes). By making codification more flexible, both manual intervention and human error are reduced and printing quality is improved.


In the pharmaceutical sector, the coding of medicines is of vital importance.

Pharmaceutical product manufacturers must ensure that medicinal products have a unique serial number, as well as coding the packaging and even the tablets according to current legislation, taking special care that the marking is legible, of high quality and will last throughout the medicine’s lifetime. Coding and marking of pharmaceutical products must guarantee the identification of unsafe products by means of traceability. Apart from facilitating their speedy withdrawal from the market if necessary, they must also help in the fight against counterfeit medicines, given the enormous consequences that these can cause to people’s health. Coding can be carried out on a wide variety of materials, whether they be paper, cardboard, glass and plastic, as well as on the product itself, pills or tablets, their blister packs, cases, medicine boxes and pallets.


Marking and coding in personal care products.

Macsa ID provides solutions for different coding, identification and traceability needs, bringing together the most appropriate technologies in each case, both hardware and software, services, consumables and other supplies. Manufacturers of personal care products (cosmetics, perfumes, dental products, shampoos, personal hygiene products, etc.) must code the packaging of their products according to the legislation of each country. In Macsa ID we recommend solutions based on laser technology to apply these codes, due to its ability to mark a wide range of materials such as plastics, cardboard, glass, etc. in a clean and safe way, with great legibility, permanence and with low maintenance costs. The most appropriate technology for marking and coding on each particular container depends on its characteristics, whether they be jars of cream, deodorants, aluminium spray cans, makeup as well as perfumes and colognes. We have a wide range of printing, labelling or laser application solutions to achieve the coding that best suits your product and work environment. Whatever the material used, Macsa ID solutions will guarantee clear, permanent and secure marking of batch numbers as well as QR codes.


Coding in household care packaging

Manufacturers of home care products (detergents, cleaners, air fresheners, etc.) must code the packaging of their products in accordance with the national legislation of each country, which usually includes the batch number and the expiry date. As coding ensures product , it is decisive to guarantee consumer safety, but at the same time, it also offers a high quality image and helps the brand to protect itself from counterfeiting. In Macsa ID we have solutions for making high quality markings and coding on plastics, cardboard, glass … The home care industry uses containers which are filled with liquids and thick and greasy substances which can be hazardous if the substances are spilled. Macsa ID lasers provide the correct IP protection for hostile work environments which helps to prevent possible damage to the laser and its lenses. Macsa ID has a wide range of  print & apply or laser solutions to achieve the coding that best suits your product and work environment, whether it is for the packaging of air fresheners, detergents, home care or cleaning products, etc. Our equipment even allows the packaging of delicate products such as solvents to be marked and coded, without the risk of damaging the packaging in any way.
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