High Precision weighing

High precision scale provides the required metro logical performance when consistently accurate measurements are critical and tolerances are tight.

Bulk Material Handling

Easy-to-install weighing technology provides accurate measurement in harsh environments for conveyors, tanks, silos, hoppers, vehicles and railway.

In Process Quality Control

In-process completeness control by weighing is a simple and economical solution for parts, modules and kits to identify defective products quickly.

Check Weighing

When it comes to manual filling, portioning or quality control, factors such as speed, throughput and quality have an important part to play.  

Simple Weighing

Systematic, uncompromising, and precise, our products provide the exact solution to meet every weighing requirement and fulfil both local weights and measures regulations and your...

Hazardous area weighing

Combine proven safety in hazardous areas with uncompromised weighing accuracy and performance. Approvals for ATEX, FM, IECEx and local regulations ensure compliance worldwide.  

Filling Dosing/ Dispensing

When filling Intermediate Bulk Containers, totes, drums, sacks or vehicles; you need very fast, precise, and repeatable results.


Automated, semi-automatic, and manual batching controllers and custom material-transfer control solutions can enhance batch quality and profits.  
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